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The Holmes Family Education and Training Foundation is much more than a scholarship program. Students participate in community service projects and attend leadership and life-skills seminars each summer. In addition, the program provides each student with a mentor  to help students navigate the challenges of transitioning to employment and adult life and keep them on track to realize their goals. Students who are invited to join the Holmes Family Foundation become part of a family and gain access to a support network designed to help them achieve success in college or vocational school and beyond.

Students are selected to become Holmes Family Foundation recipients because they embody the principles and values identified as important by the program’s founders, Fred and Barbara Holmes.

Holmes Family Foundation recipients stand out because they demonstrate a willingness:

Becoming a Recipient

Who can apply to the Holmes Family Education and Training Foundation?
To be eligible to apply for the Holmes Family Foundation, students must be current high school seniors or former Taft High graduates attending Taft College or Bakersfield College and graduating at the end of the academic year from Taft Union High School, Taft College or Bakersfield College who meet the application criteria.

Mentoring and Support Network

Helping each foundation recipient develop and grow into successful adults and productive, contributing citizens is at the heart of the Holmes Family Education and Training Foundation. Each recipient will be assigned a mentor for the years they participate in the program. Students and mentors meet at least bi-weekly to help students continue to grow personally, stay focused and meet the challenges of college life. Students also attend summer leadership training and seminars designed to help them become servant leaders in their communities. They learn the joy of service by participating together in projects to serve individuals and families in their community. In addition, students have the opportunity to network with the Holmes family, foundation staff and one another through social events planned during the summer and throughout the year.

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