Mentoring Program

At the heart of the Holmes Family Education and Training Foundation is the one-on-one Mentoring Program. We believe it is what sets us apart from many of the other scholarships being offered in our country. It is the Holmes Family’s desire to see their foundation recipients complete their educational and vocational goals and become contributing members of their communities. In order to help facilitate that end result, we connect students with mentors, who are located in the same community as their school or vocational program.

People make some of the most important decisions during the ages of 18-24 and these years often set the foundation for the rest of their lives. A mentor’s main purpose is to help students successfully transition between high school and their working adult life. Our mentors have an understanding of the college or training program and city where the student is placed and will regularly meet with their mentee to discuss life’s issues. At every phase of the student’s educational journey, a specially selected mentor will be there to support, encourage and help guide their mentee.

The mentors in our program assist our students to grow in the following areas:

  • Living According to a Strong Moral Compass
  • Exercising Good Judgment
  • Gaining a Higher Education or Skill
  • Exhibiting Personal Responsibility and Financial Self-Sufficiency
  • Demonstrating a Strong Work Ethic
  • Exhibiting a Faith to Serve a Purpose Greater than Themselves

While this is a broad and general list of guidelines for the mentors, we have found that that the mentor relationship grows to be so much more. We believe that when you invest in the lives of others, a natural outcome of that is a genuine friendship. Many of our students comment that the mentor meetings are one of their favorite parts of their college experience. We understand the significance of having someone who is further along life’s journey and willing to invest their life in another. That is why we are so pleased to be able to include mentoring into the Holmes Family Education and Training Foundation.

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